Industrial bolts

Visit our store for wide range of industrial bolts, including stainless steel bolts, mild steel bolts and high tensile bolts. GC Bolt Pro has the largest stock selection in the market. It’s a one stop shop for bolts and fasteners. Whatever your project is, Bolt pro has a high-quality fastener for your needs.

Stainless steel bolts

Why choose stainless steel bolts? There are many benefits to it.
Stainless steel bolts are made out of a corrosion resistant metal. It has a thin layer on top, called chromium oxide, that protects the inner metal from oxygen. Oxygen is what creates rust, therefore, stainless steel will look better and last longer.
Furthermore, it’s known for its strength. It will tolerate very low and high temperatures. Also, it’s low-maintenance, as it doesn’t have corrosion it’s easy to clean.

Mild steel bolts

Mild steel bolts are made of mild steel or low carbon steel material. If you’re looking for flexibility and toughness, go for mild steel. Compared to stainless steel, it has less strength, but it’s also cheaper. Great for large quantity order where high stiffness is needed in a low cost.

High tensile bolts

High tensile bolts have higher content of carbon, thus making it stronger than mild steel bolts. These bolts have less plastic ductility and brittle fracture. We have a great selection of high tensile hex nut in stock too.

If you’re in need of something that’s not listed here or in our shop, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll find a solution to your needs!