Bolt Pro has you covered when it comes to a wide variety of nuts and bolts. We’ve got everything you’ll need for your next assembly project. Nuts and bolts come in multiple materials, styles and finishes – just reach out and we’ll find the right product for you. We provide to small DIY client as well as big manufacturing client. Please send us your request for nuts and bolts and we’ll deliver your custom or off the self products.

High Tensile nuts and bolts

We only store high-quality products and high tensile steel is one of the best materials currently in the market. Nuts made from high tensile steel are able to resist high levels of strain whilst maintaining their strength and structure. For that reason, they are commonly used in manufacturing, engineering and construction or any other project with heavy load where high tensile nuts are in need. High tensile nuts are great fasteners, especially if you’re fastening metal to metal or metal to timber. They are built to last, even under harsh usage.

Hex Nut

Hex nut, or a hexagon nut, is a six-sided nut with internal threads that fastens bolts and screws. Hex nut is more commonly used with machinery and other equipment, as well as screws, bolts, other fasteners and threaded rods.