Collection: Socket Steel Product

Our cap screw is a very versatile fastener used in many applications, from construction projects to DIY tasks. These screws provide a secure hold and lasting durability, making sure your projects are built to last. At GC Bolt Pro, we offer a wide range of cap screws in different sizes and configurations to meet your specific building needs.

From M12 to M20, our cap screws come in various lengths and diameters, making sure you find the perfect fit for your project. Whether you need a shorter M12 x 20 screw or a longer M20 x 260 screw, we stock everything and if there's something you can't find, always reach out.

This cap screw is very important for securing structures, assembling furniture, and much more. With their black finish, they not only provide strength and durability but also add a sleek look to your projects.

Browse our shop today and find the right cap screw for your next project. With our high-quality fasteners, you can trust that your projects will stand the test of time.

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